How to Increase Retail Sales with Existing Clients!

I've taught this class to thousands of cosmetologists around the U.S. at trade shows and seminars. Once you understand these four steps, you will start to see an IMMEDIATE increase in your retail sales.

If you aren't retailing in your salon, you need to start. Did you know? It is easier to sell an existing client that to acquire a new one. Retail revenue can be your retirement! Seriously.

I encourage you to register for my FREE webinar to access the keys to doubling your weekly income.

At the end of the session I will have limited time for Q&A to answer questions you may have specific to your business. Click below to register.


Registration is limited!

What: Retail Reality with Ramona

Where: Online - The link will be provided via email

When: Monday at 12:00 Noon EST

Why: Because your business NEEDS this!

Cost: It's FREE

This class is for you if...

  • You don't retail because you believe your customers won't buy retail from you
  • You retail but you're not seeing the money. It's not profitable or you're overwhelmed with the money management
  • You're competing with local beauty supply stores located near your salon
  • You retail a bit but would like to sell more and increase sales
  • You want an additional source of income in your salon

What others are saying:

"The class was very detailed on perfecting my business"

"It was a great class"

"The way she breaks down the numbers"

"Ramona is clear and to the point love that. Very encouraging. I loved the point she made about [how] we should recommend products to our clients because we do know better."


What: Retail Reality with Ramona

Where: Online. You can access from phone, tablet, or computer. Link will be sent with confirmation

Why: Because your business needs it!