Ashtae Product Knowledge Intensive

If you have questions about the product, this is the place to get them answered. What's the difference between sili gloss and hair oil and serum? What's the difference between the Ashtae Hair & Scalp Balm and Heavenly Pomade?

Attend if you are new to the brand or interested in purchasing but want to learn about all the products we offer, how to use them, and how to purchase.

This webinar will feature a live Q & A Session to answer any questions you have. Click below to register.

Registration is limited!

What: Ashtae Product Knowledge Intensive

Where: Online - The link will be provided via email

Why: To help you better understand the product line and how to use it

Cost: It's FREE

This class is for you if...

  • You're new to the product line or only use a couple of tiems
  • You've heard of Ashtae but not sure what products we offer
  • You've purchased products but not sure how to use certain items
  • You would like more knowledge about product usage
  • You want to know what other products Ashtae offers


What: Ashtae Product Knowledge Intensive

Where: Online. You can access from phone, tablet, or computer. Link will be sent with confirmation

Why: Because you want more information about the products